Mum and Baby Hampers

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Choosing a baby gift for a newborn and mother can be difficult, as most new parents have spent months gathering all that they will need for their baby. A newborn gift hamper that recognises the unique little person who has just arrived in the world along with their mother is a perfect choice, and our mom and baby gift hampers are a great option.

Here at PersonaliseMe, we have a wide range of beautiful baby items, most of which can be personalised to create a unique mom and baby gift. Our mom and baby gift hampers are designed to be excellent newborn gifts, and you can choose the combination of items that you prefer. Our newborn gift hampers are designed to offer a great combination of practical items that can be used every day and special keepsakes that can be cherished forever.

Corporate Baby Gift Hampers

Luxury Luna Personalised Hamper

80.00 VAT incl.

Corporate Baby Gift Hampers

5 Piece Luxury Hamper (Luna Hair Mask)

100.00 VAT incl.