Personalised Wedding Mug-Bridal Party Dresses

11.00 VAT incl.

Personalised Bridal mugs make lovely gifts. The front & back is personalised with your details

Why not ask someone to be your bridesmaid? Or gift them this keepsake on the morning of the wedding

A gift which is guaranteed to be treasured and kept forever.

Hand wash only


If this item is a present & going directly to the person, please write what you would like on the slip & we will include it in your parcel. If It is going to CUMH please include the mother’s name (NEEDED) & phone number if you have it

How Many Bridesmaids?

Please Describe each Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid’s Name:
Hair Colour e.g. H1
Skin Tone: e.g. 1

Please Describe Bride

Bride’s Name:
Hair Colour e.g. H12
Skin Tone: e.g. 2

Would you like writing on the other side of the mug?

What colour would you like the Bridesmaid dress?

Any Special Instructions